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digital advertising

We founded Dynamic Marketing after a long standing career in traditional media and advertising. We’re not here to hate on traditional advertising tactics - after all, there is a time and a place. But when it comes to revenue growth, you can truly no longer afford not to have digital advertising as a part of your marketing strategy. With costs significantly lower than traditional means, highly targeted audience reach, and sophisticated tracking capabilities - there is no longer an excuse to ignore the digital advertising phenomenon that fuels businesses around the globe.



+Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest & more)

+Google Adwords Campaigns

+Youtube Campaigns

+Google Display and Retargeting

+Google Partner Video Advertising

As a business owner, being an expert at everything within the business is impossible. Finances, HR, marketing, handy man...the list goes on and on. As a guy that has studied a lot on up to date marketing tactics, I knew there was a lot that needed to be improved within our business.

I found Michaela and Dynamic from their social ads (Instagram no less) they did for a landscaping company we hired to do our backyard. Impressed with what I saw, I reached out to see what they could do for us. We have been working with Dynamic for a year now and we have seen a 25% increase in total revenue. Forget the increase in profitability since being with Dynamic... If they were not a pleasure being around and working with, we wouldn’t be with them. Thanks Dynamic!

With over two decades of combined experience creating customized marketing strategies for local and regional businesses, we are confident we have what it takes to bring your business to the next level.

Our diverse industry experience fuels our passion to continue to create advertising magic for our clients. We have experience running successful ad campaigns in the following industries:

+Home Improvement


+Wine, Craft Beer, and Spirits



+Real Estate

+Veterinary Clinics



+Quick-Serve Restaurants



So...what are you waiting for? Let's do this.