5 Steps To Successfully Delegating Your Social Media


As a very small business or budding entrepreneur, you might need to manage your own social media content to keep costs as low as possible. Depending on your digital marketing skill set, this might not seem like such a big deal…until your business starts to take off.

Once your business starts to grow and your time is divided into so many places, it becomes difficult and unrealistic to set aside time to manage your social media marketing…regardless of your experience, expertise, or love of managing your business' profiles. 

Even our CEO used to handle Dynamic’s social media content herself in her first year of business. But as the agency grew, she needed to focus her time and efforts in many other critical areas. Although Michaela is a social media expert and loved handling her own Facebook and Instagram, she realized how critical it was to take that responsibility off her plate so she could focus on running the business.



Let’s face it - many small and medium sized business owners aren’t social media experts. Effectively running your social media accounts requires an eye for design and copywriting skills that many just don’t have. Your social media accounts are a reflection of your brand, and it’s critical that you represent yourself properly online. Additionally, there are best practices to adhere to with each social platform that only experienced social media managers will be acutely aware of. There are several benefits and few cons to delegating your social media if done correctly.

If you’re looking to free up room on your plate and hand off your social media to an expert, read our top tips to choosing the right professional.

1. Consultative Approach

When it comes to choosing someone to represent your brand and manage your social accounts, you are going to want to choose the person who takes the time to learn the ins and outs of your business. The right social media manager will ask plenty of detailed questions to understand your brand’s story, your company culture, your target customer, your sales process, and your brand attitude. Plan to sit down with your potential social media manager for at least an hour to so they can gain a thorough understanding of your business. Do not entertain proposals from social media experts before they’ve gotten to know you.

2. Consider Your Company Mission, Vision and Voice

Before you delegate your social media to an expert, you’re going to want to really nail down your company mission, vision and tone of voice. Having a thorough understanding of where your business is, where you want it to go, and how you want to be perceive will help your future social media manager expert considerably. 

3. Ask about their approval and content curation process

Every experienced social media manager should have a process dialed in for curating content and getting your approval before publishing a single post. At Dynamic, we curate social media for our clients weekly and/or monthly, and our clients are given several days to review the proposed content calendar, request revisions, and approve all content. 



4. Consider the Engagement Process

It’s important to ask the social media manager about their social engagement process. It’s important to respond to comments and inboxes in a timely manner. Ask them if that is something they will manage and at what level you need to be involved. In some instances, they may need to you to jump in and respond to certain types of comments or messages so that the brand is accurately reflected. Social media is all about authetic and personal engagement, and for some types of business leaders, this means you might need to have slight involvement in the process.

5. Establish Clear Objectives and Metrics

Before you officially turn over your social media to an expert, it’s important to sit down together and clearly outline the objectives and metrics for success. The right social media expert will provide performance recaps monthly or quarterly, and if you can nail down what will make your efforts a success, you will provide your new social manager with clear expectations to hit. 

Objectives and metrics to consider could be any of the following:

-Increased website traffic 

-Organic and paid reach metrics 

-Engagement metrics 

-Follower Growth 

-Sales metrics 

-Incoming leads

Taking the leap to delegate your social media is an exciting and liberating milestone in the small business journey. The process of hiring a social media marketer doesn’t need to be complicated. By following these critical rules of the game, you can successfully delegate your social media and buy back time to focus on other critical areas of the business.

For more questions on any of these tips or for delegating your own social media, please contact our team OR fill out the form below to request a free 30 minute social analysis. We’d love to chat with you about your specific needs. 


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