Our Most Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

frequently asked digital marketing questions


Over the last 5 years, I’ve had more digital marketing and advertising consultations than I can count. While the questions themselves have evolved, largely in part to digital marketing’s emergence and transformation, I still get a handful of similar questions from each business owner. 

I thought it would be useful to cover some of my most frequently asked digital marketing questions - so, away we go! 

1. Which social media networks should I be on?

I get this question, without fail, every single time. My answer might frustrate some because it’s not as point blank - but there’s a reason for it. It depends entirely on your industry and target audiences. Social media is great for just about any kind of business and industry, but there are many nuances here and there. 

For instance, Healthcare businesses might see more success from Facebook versus a highly visual platform like Instagram. Home improvement, restaurants, retail, B2B, personal brands, automotive, etc will all perform great on both Facebook and Instagram. 

Social networks like Snapchat are a great option for food, beverage, retail, and personal brands - but might not be effective for other industries. 

Linkedin is an overlooked social platform that works really well for professional services, real estate, marketing, solar, and B2B industries.

It’s important to really weigh the audiences you want to reach and determine which social networks your target customers are spending the most time on. 


2. Can you help me make a video or ad go viral?

This question comes up frequently with clients who are advertising on social media. They have a great video that they feel has viral potential, and with the help of a seasoned marketer, they hope that the video explodes.

This kind of thinking is actually the opposite of how a video goes viral. Viral videos require a medley of characteristics that give them that wide reach. For starters, they need to be short. After one minute, you lose half of our audience. 

The video should be inspiring in some way - as most people connect to inspiring videos that tell a story. Also, the stats show that upbeat/positive videos are more likely to go viral. 

It’s also important to engage on your video content - answering all questions thoroughly and effectively. 

And, how your video content performs in the first 24 hours usually predicts its longevity. So if your videos lose traction quickly, it’s important to understand why. Analyzing your top performing videos will also give you insights on what your audience likes, and you can optimize future videos to create more “viral” worthy content. 

3. What marketing services do you specialize in?

Simple, but commonly asked during initial consultations. Dynamic Marketing is not a full-service agency. We believe that trying to be everything to everyone results in diluted effectiveness of our efforts.

We specialize in the following areas:

Digital Marketing Strategy: Helping our clients create annual digital marketing strategies to grow their website traffic, incoming leads, and social media presence. 

Social Media Management: We are experts in social media. Our clients typically use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Linkedin - or a combination of any of those. We completely manage social media for several San Diego businesses - creating 100% of the content and managing posts, engagement, and advertising.

SEO: To simplify something that many SEO professionals purposely overcomplicate: We help San Diego small businesses tag their website properly so that search engines know what the site is all about, and in turn will send more website visitors to it. 

Once the website is tagged properly, we use keyword research to create marketing content to bring online searchers to a businesses’ website. This is called “off-page SEO.” A large portion of this process is also promoting a businesses’ website content to grow back-links, which make your website more “credible” to search engines. 

Content Marketing: Content is king. We believe that the best brands create value for their target audiences and customers. We help our clients create their content marketing strategies and then we facilitate the creation of the content. From e-guides, checklists, infographics, blog posts, email campaigns and more - we can create engaging, educational, and beautiful content for brands in a timely fashion.

Digital Advertising: We have a huge background in online advertising. We help small businesses choose the best online advertising arenas for their product or service, and we help create & manage their ad campaigns. We commonly use Google Adwords + Display, and targeted social media ads. 

There are a lot of 3rd party companies that you can buy these ads from at a much higher cost per thousand. We buy the ads directly from the source - so our clients pay us a retainer for our time and there is never a grey area when it comes to their suggested ad budget. 


4. How long will it take until we see results?

Again, this answer depends on what marketing services we are delivering for you. SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Management takes a minimum of 6 months to see the results. Digital advertising can deliver results sooner, but we always recommend campaigns start a minimum of 3 months.

It’s also important to note that “results” can be different things and not just revenue. With content marketing, the results you’re looking for could be increase email addresses for your database. SEO results are purely related to a growth in website traffic and qualified conversions. Social Media results should be centered around brand awareness vs leads/revenue.

5. How much do your services cost?

We serve our clients holistically and don’t offer cookie cutter packages. You won’t find one size fits all approaches with Dynamic. We charge monthly retainers for the services that are identified as most important for your brand and business. These retainers range from $1,000-$3,000 per month depending on what a business needs. Our partnerships are long term - a majority of them spanning over years. We put blood, sweat and tears into our work - so needless to say, we're in it for the long haul.