The Four Types of Advertisements To Choose From

Four Different Types of Ads


The Four Different Types of Ads To Choose From...

It can be easy to overthink what should go into an advertisement. We should know, we’ve been helping businesses advertise for nearly a decade. If you’re relatively new at running ads for your business, the learning curve can come with plenty of speed wobbles. But in reality, there are really only four distinct types of ads to choose from. Regardless of your industry and whether you’re placing your ads digitally or in print, you can follow this guide to narrow down the ad campaign that best fits your needs.

If you have questions after diving into this post - we’re always here to help. Drop us a line.

Ad Type 1: The Introductory Ad

Awareness, awareness, awareness. Introductory ads are all about gaining awareness of a message. These are perfect if you are brand building or perhaps releasing a new product or service. These types of ads are here to educate, entertain, or evoke curiosity. These are great for advertising to new traffic (or cold traffic as we call it) or for use in retargeting campaigns that reach people who are already aware you exist.

Ad Example:

In this example, we helped our client Boochcraft promote the launch of cans with key audiences. We ran an Instagram story campaign that targeted their social and online community.


Ad Type 2: Trial Ads

They are what they sound like. The objective of a trial ad is to promote a product or service using a time limit to create a sense of urgency and inspire the consumer to take an action now. Trial ads can include promotional offers, gifts with purchase, and/or exclusive services or subscriptions with a tight expiration window.

Ad Example:

Our client, Rinse Salon, wanted to get customers back in the doors quickly. We advertised a free gift with appointment and served this ad to all previous customers, recent website traffic and social engagement.

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 4.14.02 PM.png

Ad Type 3: Differentiating Ads

These ads make it clear what is different about you, your product or your service. They create familiarity and prove why this differentiating factor should mean something to the consumer. 

Ad Example:

It is important for to our clients Organics Unlimited, that the consumer understands what makes them different from other banana growers and distributors. In this differentiating ad, we promote an article that showcases their biggest differentiator: the non-profit division they run to give back to communities in need.

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 4.21.30 PM.png

Ad Type 4: Shared Value Ads

These are the warm fuzzy ads we all know and love. They evoke emotion and feelings of love and mutual respect. They are typically stories and help consumers relate in a very human way. They can be light hearted, exhilarating, funny, sad, and the list goes on.

Ad Example:

In this example, we promoted our client Resilient Roofing’s CSR program. The ad begins with a shared belief statement that follows educating users on how they make a difference in business. This ad example is very similar to a differentiator ad, but was the closest real life example we could show you guys of something we’ve created! :)

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 5.14.51 PM.png


The trick when creating an advertisement is to only choose one of these types of ads. I’ve seen ads produced (and attempted to be produced) that try to encompass more than one of these objectives. That leads to confusion and takes away from the #1 message you want to articulate in that advertisement. Keep in mind, you don't have long to make an impression.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an ad in a magazine, on CNN, on Facebook, Instagram, or the radio… you’ll want to choose from one of these four ads types and stick with it for your ad to be the most effective! 

Alright folks, that’s it for the day! If you have any questions about ads please contact us! We’d love to help you brainstorm your creative options! It’s what we do best.