The Four Types of Advertisements To Choose From

Four Different Types of Ads


The Four Different Types of Ads To Choose From...

It can be easy to overthink what should go into an advertisement. I should know, I worked in television advertising for 5 years. I consulted businesses across several industries and it was almost guaranteed that the production process would be the longest and most difficult part of getting someone on the air. 

Many times, the client sees the commercial as their vessel to discuss facts about their products or services. That can sound a little something like this...

"We clean grout, tile and stone!"  ...or...

"Our breakfast bars taste the best, are affordable, and are made with x, y, and z!" ...or...

"When it comes to customer service, we're the best in the business!"

On the contrary, the producers usually wanted to tell a story, or at the very least, showcase the product or service benefits in a more creative way. They'd storyboard ad concepts with a humorous, heart warming, or exciting (etc) feel. I’ve seen these dichotomies cause lulls and frustrations like you wouldn’t believe. And if you've worked in a creative department in any capacity, it's not news that people can bump heads when it comes to the objective of an ad.

The funny thing is, there are only four different types of advertisements to choose from. That’s right, just four. So in hopes of easing some of the stress from the ad creation process, I’m going to tell you all about them.

Ad Type 1: The Introductory Ad

If you are brand building or releasing a new or updated product/service, this is the ad you want. Introductory ads evoke curiosity and intrigue. 

Ad Type 2: Trial Ads

They are what they sound like. The objective of a trial ad is to test a product or service using a time limit to create a sense of urgency and inspire the consumer to take an action now.

Ad Type 3: Differentiating Ads

These ads make it clear what is different about you, your product or your service. They create familiarity and prove why this differentiating factor should mean something to the consumer. 

Ad Type 4: Shared Value Ads

These are the warm fuzzy ads we all know and love. They evoke emotion and feelings of love and mutual respect. They are typically stories and help consumers relate in a very human way. They can be light hearted, exhilarating, funny, sad, and the list goes on.


The trick when creating an advertisement is to only choose one of these types of ads. I’ve seen ads produced (and attempted to be produced) that try to encompass more than one of these objectives. That leads to confusion and takes away from the #1 message you want to articulate in that advertisement. Keep in mind, you don't have long to make an impression.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running an ad in a magazine, on CNN, on Facebook, Instagram, or the radio… you’ll want to choose from one of these four ads types and stick with it for your ad to be the most effective! 

Alright folks, that’s it for the day! If you have any questions about ads please contact us! We’d love to help you brainstorm your creative options! It’s what we do best.