Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs

5 Lifestyle Tips for San Diego Entrepreneurs 


Live under your means

Being an entrepreneur means accepting unique challenges that most others don’t have to face. One of them is financial security. As an entrepreneur you take the risk of feast or famine revenue cycles. Living under your means establishes healthy spending habits and prepares you for potential monetary dry spells. Learning to be comfortable with less is amazing preparation for challenging times.


Be Independent

Don’t just be independent- be fiercely independent. Learn to be comfortable and confident solving problems by yourself. If your computer breaks, practice researching and solving the issue yourself before reaching out to an expert. Yes, it’s important to consult friends and family when making life decisions, but become OK with making day to day business decisions without a middle man. This will save you time over the long run, and thus, money.


Make Time to be Social

As an entrepreneur it’s easy to fall into lone wolf territory. Often times for myself, I find that my only social interactions some weeks are with clients and in otherwise business only settings. It’s really important to take time to have social interactions that don’t involve business. Balance is integral in avoiding burn out. Spend some time with friends and let your hair down once in a while.


Learn to Negotiate

Negotiating is uncomfortable to a lot of people. Throughout the years I have consulted with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs - it’s surprising to me how many of them can’t deal with confrontation and negotiation. Get practice having bold conversations and negotiations. When shopping for something, research your options and practice negotiating reduced pricing. No need to be a jerk or a hardball, either. Being comfortable in the art of crucial conversations will help you for a lifetime in many areas of business.


Be a Minimalist

In personal terms, minimalism means reducing physical possessions that are not essential to everyday life or happiness. Clearing up your living space, getting rid of excess/unused items, or downsizing can increase mental clarity and help you appreciate living more simply.

From a business perspective, minimalism means streamlining processes to increase productivity. Maybe this means foregoing office space if you can work remotely. This could mean automating processes and services to free up time for more revenue generating tasks. Analyze your processes and decide that 20% of tasks generate 80% of your revenue and clear out the rest of the clutter.