6 Low Cost Marketing Ideas that Work

//6 Low Cost Marketing Ideas that Actually Work//

Create a Pinterest page for your business.

Pinterest not to be overlooked. It is one of the strongest social networks out there, not to mention a powerful tool for SEO. Create special boards based on keywords for your industry, and fill them with relevant pins that link back to your website. 

Create your own original pins yourself using a graphic design platform like Canva.com. You can utilize Pinterest schedule systems like BoardBooster to automate your Pinterest scheduling when your audience is most active. Don’t forget to include Pinterest links on your website and blog posts! 

Exchange Backlinks with Power Partners. 

I’m not talking about buying a bunch of shitty links from a random internet service. That’s what they call “black-hat SEO,” and Google will send you to the virtual slammer for that.

A “power partner” is a business who has the same target customer as you, but is not your competitor. Find these gems, network with them, and keep them close to you. Not only will they be a great referral source, but you can exchange valuable and relevant links. Back-links are still one of the most important factors in SEO - as google finds your site more credible if other sites trust it, aka link to it. Backlinks can also come from exchanging sponsored e-blasts or social media promotions.

Give Something Away

Ever heard the phrase “give to get?” Give something to get something. In this case I’m talking about emails because yes, email marketing, is still a HUGE revenue source in 2017. 

Create a valuable giveaway that your potential customers will want. This could mean a free checklist, an e-guide, a webinar, a branded chotchky, a contest etc. Promote the giveaway via social media, in-store signage, etc, and encourage interested consumers to head to your website and submit their email to recieve the free gift. Bam - you’ll be building a well qualified sales funnel to nurture for months to come.

Collect User Generated Content

Promote a contest every month encouraging your customers to post pictures that show how they enjoy your product or service. User generated content is an out-of-the-box way to get your loyal customers to engage with you on social media every month. You’ll end up with a plethora of provided content to use on your social pages as well. You’d be surprised by the quality of posts your customers will submit.

Don’t Forget! Create a promotional hashtag to link all of the content. Incentivize your followers to participate by offering a prize to 1-3 lucky winners each month. Don’t forget to include a social blast highlighting the winner each month to keep the excitement going!

Create Instructional/Educational Videos

Video is EVERYTHING moving into 2017. Forbes has stated that businesses who fail to get on the video bandwagon will be left in the dust. So bust out that DSLR you don’t know how to use and order a tripod from Amazon. Create short educational videos that potential customers will value. Once you start positioning yourself as a resource to your audience you will see your sales grow.

Host an Event or Workshop

If you have a physical store, half the battle is already won. If not, talk to your network of friends, family, and power partners to see if you can utilize a space of theirs. 

Hosting an event or workshop is a great way to get exposure with an intimate audience. Like a giveaway, create incentive for attendees. What should they get out of coming? Will you be offering a relevant workshop? Perhaps hosting a valuable guest speaker? Will the event be used  to sell your goods? How will you make it different than typical sales streams? Have fun with this! 

Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t cost a lot to host an event. All you need is a space, some light snacks and beverages, and valuable information for your attendees. Back when I had my jewelry line I would host monthly trunk shows, inviting 20-30 close friends. I’d go to trader joes and purchase 10-15 $5 bottles of wine with cheese and crackers and VOILA! My profits were always healthy and sales trickled in well after the event.

I'd love to hear of any low cost marketing ideas that you've used and seen ROI from. Please share in the comments below.

All the best,